Agustin Richard Lo Debil De Mi Arbol
Agustin Richard

Agustin Richard – Lo Debil De Mi Ärbol EP

All songs composed and written by Agustín Richard.
Agustín Richard: guitars, bass, vocals, programming, production.
Giuliano Gius Cobelli: drums, engineering, production

Mixing, mastering:


Agustín Richard is an Argentine-born, eclectic guitar player and songwriter. Since 2013 he produced three albums: a folk/singer-songwriter EP (Fue de la inquietud), a homemade sounds experimentation (ClicK!), and an acoustic folk record with the band Pequeña Muerte (Lo débil de mi árbol). At the end of 2015 he moved to Europe, traveled in France and Germany, eventually settling in Barcelona, Spain. There he met Giuliano Gius Cobelli (drummer and producer for Maia Vidal, Pacosan, Juanjo Fernandez Quintet, John H. Coconut), with whom he co-produced “Lo débil de mi ärbol EP”, “Fue de la Inquietud Remasters” and “Pequeña Muerte EP”.

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