Checkout Andrew-A new release ‘SUGAR FREE (EXTENDED VERSION)’ a duo album that blends the old and new feel of Blues, Jazz, and Rock n Roll, with 3 unpublished tunes: the smooth and jazzy ‘Breeze Blues’, a take on Jeff Beck classic ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers‘ and a warm version of ‘Besame Mucho‘.

Andrew-A Sugar Free (Extended Version)

Recorded at Officine Sonore in Rome, mixed and mastered at Taak Studio in Barcelona. Produced by Andrew-A and Giuliano Gius Cobelli and distributed by Giant Pulse Records.




The Summer Lovers

Let’s Groove With The Summer Lovers

The Summer Lovers is a dynamic and stylish band dedicated to everything groovy. Drawing inspiration from a variety of artists like Louis Prima, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, the band play a thrilling repertoire, powerful and musical, from blues and swing to boogaloo and jazz.


Their full-length album ‘TAKIN’ OFF‘ is packed with ten tasteful remakes of swing and blues classics. Get ready to sing and groove!


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John H. Coconut

J. H. Coconut new ep MY REVOLUTION

John Humphrey Coconut sings from the hearth to his beloved African girl in the new ep ‘My Revolution‘, dreaming about a new life and the realization of his dream, longing for happiness, pleasure, and true love.


The ep follows with ‘Sedi Laka‘, Coconut’s emotional and fervent version of the traditional and holy African song, while ‘Soleada Tarde Remix‘ is an extended and reworked version of a song from his album ‘Magia Chili y Chocolate’, as is the sweet instrumental version of ‘Musica y Tormenta‘; all included in this new ep dedicated to his African lover and his friends: ‘My Revolution‘ by John Humphrey Coconut.

All instruments by John Humphrey Coconut; percussions by Giuliano Gius Cobelli. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Taak Studio ( except ‘My Revolution’ recorded by Alejandro Mazzoni and Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Casablanca Studios (, mixed and mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Taak Studio ( Produced by John Humphrey Coconut and Giuliano Gius Cobelli. Distributed by Giant Pulse Records (

John Humphrey Coconut – 


‘PULSE’ first single from ‘COSMIC DISTANCES’ by W.A.V.E.S.

Here it goes ‘PULSE’, the first single from the debut ep ‘COSMIC DISTANCES’ by W.A.V.E.S. The videoclip is by Mirko Zandarin.

W.A.V.E.S. is an electronic/chillout duo from Italy. Their debut ep ‘COSMIC DISTANCES’ will RELEASE on August 2, the PRESALE is available at a discounted price in our store:


PULSE‘ links:



Agustin Richard Promo Concierto y Crowdfunding!
Agustin Richard

Agustín Richard concierto y crowfunding del nuevo EP!

agu puebloviejo banner fb1.png

El próximo Sabado 12 de Mayo Agustín Richard tocará en la Sala de Pueblo Viejo en Concordia acompañado por WellaM, y cada una de las personas que les acompañen ese día estarán apoyandole para la producción del nuevo EP! A todas las personas que vayan a disfrutar de este concierto queremos regalarles la posibilidad de (al momento de editar el nuevo álbum) descargarse gratuitamente todas las canciones. ¡Para nosotros será una forma de agradecerles todo el apoyo y vamos a estar contentos de que puedan escuchar esta música en exclusiva! ¡¡¡Les esperamos!!!

John H Coconut and The Ugly Spirit Album Artwork
John H. Coconut


John H. Coconut & The Ugly Spirit es un album de blues electrico de John Humphrey Coconut, esta vez a la batería, bajo y teclados, y Hector Martos Avellaneda (también conocido como The Ugly Spirit) a las guitarras. Un viaje de blues-rock en tres partes, abriendo con una cabalgada rugiente, dilatándose en una jugosa balada y cerrando con una jam desértica.

John H. Coconut & The Ugly Spirit is an electric blues album by John Humphrey Coconut, this time on drums, bass and keyboards, and Hector Martos Avellaneda (a.k.a. The Ugly Spirit) on guitars. A blues-rock trip in three parts, opening with an electric and fuzzy ride, longing through a creamy ballad and closing with a desertic guitar jam.

John H Coconut and The Ugly Spirit Album Artwork