Agustin Richard Dias Para No Morir
A L L, Agustin Richard

Agustín Richard, 2 nuevos temas

Agustín Richard acaba de lanzar “Días Para No Morir” (2018, Giant Pulse Records), un nuevo sencillo acompañado de un original videoclip realizado por el propio artista.

La canción es una adictiva mixtura entre rock y pop. Melodías de guitarras simples y concretas y una lírica de pocas palabras pero de un alto contenido reflexivo donde el artista nos dice que: ”hay un velo entre la realidad y lo que te imaginas…

Disponible en tod@s las plataformas desde: http:/

Y hay una pre escucha de audio del nuevo single que saldrá en enero: ENCIENDE UN SONAR, del que está haciendo el videoclip!







Agustin Richard Pequeña Muerte EP
A L L, Agustin Richard

Agustin Richard: Pequeña Muerte EP

This new EP includes songs that were recorded by Agustín Richard and the band Pequeña Muerte in a series of acoustic sessions held in La Plata, Argentina. This edition includes a selection of three songs remastered in Barcelona and accompanied by videoclips made by Agustín himself, expanding the creativity germinated with the videoclips of his previous works “Lo Debil De Mi Arbol EP” y “Fue De La Inquietud”.

The album opens with “Mi Fracaso Mas Brillante”, a folk with the energy contained in the guitar riffs and velvety acoustic percussion. The song invites to find success in our failures and it’s a note of memory that remembers us to act without fear with the assurance that this way nothing bad is going to happen. The second track is Amainara and is the most intense song of this new EP. The music suggests wide spaces and reflects the sensitivity with which Agustín can compose and sing. The third song is an exquisite version of one of Agustín’s favorites: “Lo Debil de Mi Arbol”, an orchestrated folk that concludes a walk through different emotions and situations that Agustín invites us to travel with him.

“Pequeña Muerte” was recorded and produced by Agustín Richard between the cities of La Plata and Barcelona, during acoustic sessions with the participation of Agustín Richard (guitars, voices), Axel Greco (bass), Emanuel Zofiaurre (percussion), Rogelio Faut (guitars, voices), Maia Marazo (voices), Pablo Cazenave (sax, voces), David D’odorico (piano). Mixed and co-produced by Gabriel Balderrain, mastered at Taak Studio and released by Giant Pulse Records.