A L L, John H. Coconut

Single ¡Oye Mulata! de J. H. Coconut

Single desde en nuevo disco de John Humphrey Coconut: ¡Oye Mulata!

From the album Art And Popain, out 24.08

JOHN HUMPHREY COCONUT vuelve a sonar con ART AND POPAIN: nuevos temas entre rock, blues y pop colorido con el sencillo ‘Oye Mulata’ y la animada ‘Every Night And Every Day’, los viajes espirituales de ‘Amazing Grace’ y ‘Spring of Freedom’, el jazzy-blues de ‘The Fabulous Catandog’ y el tema africano ‘Eduze Kwami’. Con la colaboración de David D’Odorico al piano y Giuliano Gius Cobelli a la batería y mezclas. Distribuido por Giant Pulse Records.

JOHN HUMPHREY COCONUT is back with ART AND POPAIN: new songs between rock, blues and colorful pop with the single ‘Oye Mulata’ and the peppy ‘Every Night And Every Day’, the spiritual journeys of ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Spring of Freedom’, the jazzy-blues of ‘The Fabulous Catandog’ and the African theme ‘Eduze Kwami’. Featuring David D’Odorico on piano and Giuliano Gius Cobelli on drums and mixing. Released by Giant Pulse Records.

JOHN HUMPHREY COCONUT torna a sonar amb ART AND POPAIN: nous temes de rock, blues i pop colorit amb el senzill ‘Oye Mulata’ i l’animada ‘Every Night And Every Day’, els viatges espirituals de ‘Spring of Freedom’ i ‘Amazing Grace’, el jazzy-blues de ‘The Fabulous Catandog’ i el tema africà ‘Eduze Kwami’. Amb la col·laboració de David D’Odorico al piano i Giuliano Gius Cobelli a la bateria i mescles. Distribuït per Giant Pulse Records.


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ART AND POPAIN ·  http://bit.ly/getartandpopain

1: Oh Mulata

2: Every Night And Every Day

3: Oye Mulata

4: Spring of Freedom

5: Amazing Grace

6. The Fabulous Catandog

7. Eduze Kwami


JOHN HUMPHREY COCONUT · http://jhcoconut.com

John Humphrey Coconut was born in Barcelona in 1986. Self-taught musician, poet and painter. His musical style comes from blues, rock, funk, pop and tropicalism, born of it also songs full of color and with African touches. His poetry of romantic and cursed style, is crossed with the suffering of a schizophrenia that accompanies him in his writings. His style and pictorial motifs lie in a set of themes such as palm trees and naked women, in paintings full of intense chromatic nuances.


John Humphrey Coconut Stars And Guns Single
A L L, John H. Coconut



John Humphrey Coconut • STARS AND GUNS • Nuevo sencillo de pop electrónico relajado y soñador • New electronic pop single, relaxed and dreamy • www.jhcoconut.comwww.giantpulserecords.com

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Agustin Richard Pequeña Muerte EP
A L L, Agustin Richard

Agustin Richard: Pequeña Muerte EP

This new EP includes songs that were recorded by Agustín Richard and the band Pequeña Muerte in a series of acoustic sessions held in La Plata, Argentina. This edition includes a selection of three songs remastered in Barcelona and accompanied by videoclips made by Agustín himself, expanding the creativity germinated with the videoclips of his previous works “Lo Debil De Mi Arbol EP” y “Fue De La Inquietud”.

The album opens with “Mi Fracaso Mas Brillante”, a folk with the energy contained in the guitar riffs and velvety acoustic percussion. The song invites to find success in our failures and it’s a note of memory that remembers us to act without fear with the assurance that this way nothing bad is going to happen. The second track is Amainara and is the most intense song of this new EP. The music suggests wide spaces and reflects the sensitivity with which Agustín can compose and sing. The third song is an exquisite version of one of Agustín’s favorites: “Lo Debil de Mi Arbol”, an orchestrated folk that concludes a walk through different emotions and situations that Agustín invites us to travel with him.

“Pequeña Muerte” was recorded and produced by Agustín Richard between the cities of La Plata and Barcelona, during acoustic sessions with the participation of Agustín Richard (guitars, voices), Axel Greco (bass), Emanuel Zofiaurre (percussion), Rogelio Faut (guitars, voices), Maia Marazo (voices), Pablo Cazenave (sax, voces), David D’odorico (piano). Mixed and co-produced by Gabriel Balderrain, mastered at Taak Studio and released by Giant Pulse Records.


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A L L, Giuliano Gius Cobelli

Giuliano G.I.U.S. “A Bukowski Event”

Giuliano Gius Cobelli “A Bukowski Event” is an organic electronic journey guided by Charles Bukowski voice from recordings and readings.


 G.I.U.S. aka Giuliano Gius Cobelli toca batería, percusiones, sintetizadores, cajas de ritmo y trompeta, todos procesados con efectos y maquinas de bucle. Con motivo del aniversario de Charles Bukowski nos presenta una obra generada justamente y completamente por el mismo ,en donde la improvisación es guiada por la voz del proprio Bukowski.

Performed and recorded by Giuliano Gius Cobelli. Mixed and Mastered at Taak Studio (www.taakstudio.com)

Giuliano G.I.U.S. Cobelli – http://giulianogiuscobelli.com

SUSCRIBE TO GIUS YOUTUBE CHANNEL – http://bit.ly/gius-youtube

A L L, Bandius Companion

Bandius Companion live en Sinestesia

En el escenario de la Sala Sinestesia el conjunto presentará su ultimo EP “Selected Grooves”, recién editado por la discográfica Barcelonesa Giant Pulse, y dará un pre estreno de algunos temas del nuevo disco “Preguntas Fractales”.

David Indio D’odorico: Teclados
Giorgio Fausto Menossi: Batería
Corrado Conrad Loi: Bajo electrico
Angelo Cacciolato: Acordeón

¡Update! Aqui un video del concierto!

En el panorama musical de BCN Bandius Companion es una novedad enérgica y curiosa. Su música es la banda sonora de un viaje hacia territorios exóticos. Con un estilo imaginativo y original inspirado por rare grooves, psicodelia, bandas sonoras, jazz y sobretodo por el lado más antropológico de la música africana y latina.Bandius Companion se distingue por un sonido híbrido y peculiar mezclando una danza armónica de acordeón y teclados acidos con una enérgica sección rítmica de bajo y batería.Los conciertos de este cuarteto son un creciendo animado de energía y ritmos encantadores que recuerdan fiestas populares tanto cuanto bailes tribales o calles metropolitanas.



A L L, The Near Death Ensemble


the near death ensemble live at magia roja

“If you fancy a big bowl of alternative-free jazz-electronic-funk-psychedelic rock-world soup, look no further than Barcelona’s Near Death Ensemble. I’ve had a warm and soft spot for them ever since stumbling across their recording, “Live at Mutuo Art Center” a few years back. *(Warning: other ingredients almost certainly will be included.)

T.N.D.E. are a loose and evolving collective, being – in their own words – a post-jazz free-rock conspiracy of sound. Which is as good a description as any, really. But the more pressing question here is, what did they sound like on a Saturday night at Magia Roja?

Initial impressions include muezzin-like calls blending with theremin whine-drones… snare & cymbal setting a metronome-steady pace… while bass and guitar combine in hypnotic, tran(s)ce(ndental) figures… distant trumpet floats high above it all… Imagine a Middle Eastern Doors-esque improvisation, a 21st century Grateful Dead jam and, if nothing else, you’ll have reached the limits of this listener’s descriptive powers.

Ensemble founder Curcio’s rhythm guitar – riffs, power chords, harmonics, muted thunks – is usually to the fore, full of spacey reverb, repeating and mutating, interspersed with solos of Beefheartian abstraction and angularity that just drive the experience even further out.

TNDE will put you in that blue tunnel and shine a light at the end of it to guide you along. If you get the chance, go, float, experience, dream… before slowly waking, blinking and blissful.”

Original article appeared on Ajazznoise.com

The Near Death Ensemble