The Summer Lovers

Let’s Groove With The Summer Lovers

The Summer Lovers is a dynamic and stylish band dedicated to everything groovy. Drawing inspiration from a variety of artists like Louis Prima, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, the band play a thrilling repertoire, powerful and musical, from blues and swing to boogaloo and jazz.


Their full-length album ‘TAKIN’ OFF‘ is packed with ten tasteful remakes of swing and blues classics. Get ready to sing and groove!


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Cosmic Distances by W.A.V.E.S.

W.A.V.E.S. new ep Cosmic Distances is out  👨‍🚀🎶✨

W.A.V.E.S. is an Electronic/Chillout/Triphop duo from Italy. They will take you on a smooth trip, melding electric guitars with lush electronic soundscapes.

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W.A.V.E.S. are Nicolò Bertoncello (electric guitars) and Francesco Bressa (keys, electronics, effects). 

Special thanks to Travis McDonald (mastering), Cesare Gasparini (artworks) and Mirko Zandarin (videoclip)

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John H. Coconut

J. H. Coconut new ep MY REVOLUTION

John Humphrey Coconut sings from the hearth to his beloved African girl in the new ep ‘My Revolution‘, dreaming about a new life and the realization of his dream, longing for happiness, pleasure, and true love.


The ep follows with ‘Sedi Laka‘, Coconut’s emotional and fervent version of the traditional and holy African song, while ‘Soleada Tarde Remix‘ is an extended and reworked version of a song from his album ‘Magia Chili y Chocolate’, as is the sweet instrumental version of ‘Musica y Tormenta‘; all included in this new ep dedicated to his African lover and his friends: ‘My Revolution‘ by John Humphrey Coconut.

All instruments by John Humphrey Coconut; percussions by Giuliano Gius Cobelli. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Taak Studio ( except ‘My Revolution’ recorded by Alejandro Mazzoni and Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Casablanca Studios (, mixed and mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Taak Studio ( Produced by John Humphrey Coconut and Giuliano Gius Cobelli. Distributed by Giant Pulse Records (

John Humphrey Coconut – 


‘PULSE’ first single from ‘COSMIC DISTANCES’ by W.A.V.E.S.

Here it goes ‘PULSE’, the first single from the debut ep ‘COSMIC DISTANCES’ by W.A.V.E.S. The videoclip is by Mirko Zandarin.

W.A.V.E.S. is an electronic/chillout duo from Italy. Their debut ep ‘COSMIC DISTANCES’ will RELEASE on August 2, the PRESALE is available at a discounted price in our store:


PULSE‘ links:




Welcome to W.A.V.E.S.

We’re happy to introduce the Italian duo W.A.V.E.S. and their new ep ‘COSMIC DISTANCES’. Francesco Bressa (a.k.a. S:sko) and Nicolò Bertoncello will take you on a smooth yet intense music trip.

W.A.V.E.S. Logo NEW.png

Their debut ep ‘COSMIC DISTANCES’ is out in presale and will release on August 2.

Tomorrow we’ll share the first single ‘PULSE’ with a cool videoclip by Mirko Zandarin.



andrew-a hot roads

HOT ROADS by Andrew-A

Guitar lovers and rock n rollers, welcome ANDREW-A on board. Pulsing on!

We will distribute Andrew-A‘s albums, starting with HOT ROADS.


Andrew-A · Guitars
Santiago Arteaga· Bass Guitar
Giuliano Gius Cobelli· Drums
Mireia Tajero · Sax on Bo’s Jungle & A-Groove
El Patio Studio · band recording
Taak Studio · additional recordings, mixing and mastering
Produced by ARDO PRODUCTION & Silvia Plantamura
Photos by Andrea Paesante
Design By Lali Canosa

andrew-a hot roads

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Agustín Richard nuevo simple EL PIENSALLAMAS
Agustin Richard

Agustín Richard nuevo single EL PIENSALLAMAS

El guitarrista y compositor argentino acaba de editar un nuevo sencillo. Este nuevo y curioso trabajo se titula EL PIENSALLAMAS y ya se encuentra disponible en las principales plataformas de música.

EL PIENSALLAMAS es una filosofía de vida al mismo tiempo que una canción potente y bailable. Enjoy! 

El título es un guiño con humor dirigido a quienes lo piensan todo demasiado y que corren el riesgo de no hacer nada: “Hasta cuando vas a procrastinar navegando tu mapa mental” o “Nadie va a mirar si lo haces bien o lo haces mal” son algunas de las frases de esta nueva canción con la que el guitarrista asienta una evolución en el sonido de un quinteto de pop/rock moderno con una música por momentos bailable.

Agustín Richard nuevo simple EL PIENSALLAMAS

Agustín Richard nació en Entre Ríos, Argentina en 1986. Es guitarrista, compositor y productor autodidacta apasionado por la aviación. Su música recorre el folk, soul, rock y el pop y sus letras abarcan desde lo terrenal a lo místico el contenido de la experiencia humana. Desde 2013 a la actualidad ha editado los álbumes Fue De La Inquietud, “equeña Muerte y Lo Débil De Mi Árbol. Recientemente acaba de lanzar los sencillos y videoclips Días Para No Morir y Enciende Un Sonar que ha sido incluído en la playlist oficial de Spotify Novedades Indie entre otros artistas independientes latino-americanos y en la playlist de novedades del portal Zona Girante.


Agustín Richard EL PIENSALLAMAS nuevo simple

The Argentine guitar player and songwriter has just released a new single and this strong and curious work is already available in streaming platforms and stores.

EL PIENSALLAMAS is a philosophy of life and a powerful and groovy tune. Enjoy!

The title EL PIENSALLAMAS is a wink with humor directed at those who think too much and who run the risk of doing nothing: “Until when you are going to procrastinate navigating your mental map” or “Nobody is going to see if you do it right or you do it badly” are some of the phrases of this new song where the guitarist settles an evolution in the sound of a modern pop/rock quintet with music that is at times danceable.

Agustin Richard nueva canción El Piensallamas

Agustín Richard was born in Entre Ríos, Argentina in 1986. He is a self-taught guitarist, composer and producer passionate about aviation. His music covers folk, soul, rock and pop and his lyrics range from the earthly to the mystical the content of human experience. From 2013 to the present he has edited the albums Fue De La Inquietud, Pequeña Muerte and Lo Débil De Mi Árbol. Recently he has released the singles and video clips Días Para No Morir and Enciende Un Sonar, which has been included in the Official Spotify playlist Novedades Indie among other Latin American independent artists, and in the Novedades de Enero playlist of the website Zona Girante.