John H Coconut in Music Connection Magazine
John H. Coconut

J.H. Coconut in Music Connection Mag

John Humphrey Coconut hard-funk release Delicious Funk has been featured in the famous Music Connection Magazine, both in the official website and in the printed magazine, which is distributed all over the USA!

John H Coconut in Music Connection Magazine
John H Coconut in Music Connection Magazine

“John Humphrey Coconut and his funk bunch have fashioned a congestive, almost abrasive brand of funk that threatens to devolve into chaos at times but always manages to keep it together. “Hot Purple” is a good example of the band’s strengths. Stabbing saxophone and plenty of vintage vibes (such as wah-pedal guitar workouts) play prominent roles in this song’s arrangement, which craftily returns to its hook again and again. Another catchy track is “Midnight Funky Sex” whose repetition stuck to us like gum to a shoe. At the end of the day, despite nice work by all soloists, it is the outfit’s drummer who deserves special recognition. His unflagging foundation makes this whole thing work.” @MusicConnectionMagazine

Published since 1977, Music Connection Magazine is a monthly music trade publication catering to musicians, industry pro’s, and support services. Music Connection exists to serve artists and music people, to offer connections to the unconnected and to provide exclusive information that can help our readers take their music to the next level.

J. H. Coconut Delicious Funk

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